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O'Hagan Career Coaching

OCC has 35+ years of experience in interview preparation and coaching.  Our goal is to work together to discover your most marketable skills & stories, giving you the confidence to excel in any professional setting.

Our Services

Our Services

The job market can be an intimidating place to navigate. Regardless of where you are in your career, being prepared to navigate the interview process is critical to your future success.  We offer a variety of career acquisition services to fit the needs of College Interns, Students & Graduates, Mid-Career & Seasoned Professionals, Vocational/Trade Schools & more!

One 60 minute individualized interview prep session to assess & enhance baseline skills

Two 60 minute intensive interview & workforce preparation sessions 

On-Demand guidance & mentorship

Large group sessions to set expectations for upcoming graduates


“Jim O’Hagan is one of the most engaging, creative, friendly, & successful professional career advisors I have ever met in the nearly 40 years of my career."
“Jim being my manager/mentor was the single most pivotal moment in my professional life. Through his teachings, I have made moves in my career I never thought possible."
"Jim has spent more than 30 years in sales & recruiting and the guidance he has given candidates and colleagues has helped thousands of people begin or advance their careers."
"There is a very brief window to set yourself apart from other applicants, and Jim is the gold standard to prepare you for success.”

Joe L.

Management Consultant

Victoria L.
Vice President of Operations &

Previous Employee

Dave M.

Staffing Executive

Bob K.
Staffing Executive

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